Title Services

Michelle Somers Williams, PC is a Fee Attorney Office for First American Title Company, the largest title insurer in the nation.

Title Services We Offer

  • Draft Contracts on Residential Real Estate
  • Draft Contracts on Commercial Real Estate
  • Clear Title Issues
  • Commercial & Residential Closings
  • Foreclose Property

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Our office handles Residential and Commercial Real Estate Closings. Michelle Williams, Attorney and licensed Escrow Officer for the State of Texas, has in-depth knowledge and experience in both legal and title services. As a closing office for First American Title Company, we offer affordable services to buyers and sellers.

Our closing process provides buyers, sellers, and lenders with peace of mind and security knowing they are working with an experienced attorney and escrow officer to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish.

Our staff monitors the entire closing process, including drafting the contracts to add additional provisions the Realtors’ mandated contracts do not provide, keeping all parties updated, preparing legal and title documents as needed, and ordering home warranties and surveys when indicated by client.  We prepare closing documents and review documents provided by lenders and any other third party to ensure our clients close under the terms as they understand them to be.

Our office works hard to ensure there are no last minute issues or concerns at closing table. If there are any title issues, we explain them to our clients and quickly begin to resolve them.

At closing, our attorney explains all the documents that will be signed, all closing costs and loan fees, as well as the impact of proposed exceptions to coverage on the commitment for insurance.  We ensure good funds are received prior to disbursing funds to seller, lender, and any other payees at closing.  We take the utmost care and diligence with the entire process to ensure our clients’ interests are secure.

We often have lenders, realtors, and attorneys refer clients to us when they are uncertain of how to handle specific real estate issues. In fact, many investors would prefer to close with an attorney they can trust to prepare the legal documents and review the title commitment and survey for potential issues affecting their investment.

If you are uncertain about any aspect of the closing process, you will appreciate our professional, courteous attention to your investment.  In an increasingly complex world, it is comforting to know your needs will be taken care of with uncompromising integrity.

Estimated Fees:

  • Escrow Fee: $350
  • Tax Certificate: $36.00
  • Recording Fees: $26 [for 1st page] + $4 [for each additional page] 
  • E-Recording Fee: $2.25/doc (may vary on county to county basis)
  • Title Policy: TBD (Use the Title Premium Calculator to estimate) 
  • Guaranty Fee: $4.50/policy

(Please note: The above referenced fees are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed.)

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