MichWill058Michelle Williams has been a licensed attorney in Austin, Texas since 1995.  Michelle is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker and a Licensed Escrow Officer in the State ofTexas.  Her experience in Texas Real Estate has spanned 35 years.

She is professional, efficient, insightful, and excels at designing creative solutions to many problems.  Her extensive, ever-growing, knowledge of this business provides our clientele with the comfort and security that they have come to the right place.



zachZach Sumners has been a licensed attorney in Austin, Texas since 2011. Zach is also a licensed Escrow Officer in the State of Texas with an extensive background in the mortgage industry. Zach is a native of Beaumont, Texas and a 2003 graduate from Monsignor Kelly High School. Zach attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated in three years with two bachelors of art degrees in Government and History.

He is personable, diligent, and eager to assist those dealing with real estate issues both small and large. Zach is proud to call Austin home and he is dedicated to helping our clients’ with their residential and commercial needs.